“What a great day. I enjoyed the experience so much I will have no hesitation recommending this to everyone I meet from now on… I am so proud of my wonderful knife and have no intention to give it away. Thankyou Robyn and Steve – great hospitaility”

“Who would have thought that I could turn a piece of wood and some rusty steel into a work of art, did I really make this knife? YES I DID!”

“Thank you so much for a brilliant knife making day. Travelling isn’t just about seeing a country, it’s about the people you meet along the way – thank you for enriching our trip round the world, we’ll never forget our day and will always remember you guys when I’m chopping my veggies! Thanks again, I didn’t realise I could produce something so beautiful.”

“Thankyou so much, I’m so proud of my beautiful knife! I will cherish it for the rest of my life! & one day some lucky bastard will inherit it! All the best”
Jo Hughes.

“Thank you for the best thing I have done in NZ. I can’t wait to use it on the boats”
Wes Cannon.

“Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing day! This had definitely been one of the highlights of NZ. Thanks so much for making us feel so welcome in your home – will be telling everyone about you!”
Jen, U.K.

“Thank you for a brilliant day. 2 people had recommended we come, and I am so glad we did. A very cool knife to take home. Good humour + stories made for very entertaining time. Cheers “
Chris, Edinburgh.

“Today was one of the best things I have ever done! Is there a better souvenir on earth? Every visitor to the South Island should do this.”
Ali Bowers.

“A fantastic day – thank you Steve so much for making it a real highlight in my world tour.”

“Thank you so much for such a fantastic experience! Was one of the most enjoyable, memorable & special days of our whole trip. Your hospitality and expertise has made this such an amazing day & I will treasure my knife always.”
Emily, U.K.

“Laughed all day, have a gorgeous knife to take home and even learnt how to throw an axe! You guys are fantastic friendly people and the stories will travel far.”

“The knives are gorgeous, the food and drink were delicious, the hospitality was wonderful, & we really appreciated being among all your animals! Please adopt us!!!”
Tracy and Chris Noden.

“What a truly fantastic day! Definitely an experience that you would struggle to find anywhere else and we had a great day for it. Your hospitality and friendliness will not be forgotten. Thank you so much for our wonderful knives and a fantastic day.”
Cindy and Warren.

“What a truly unique experience! It has been a wonderful day & definitely taken me out of my accountant’s square box! I have discovered my creative talent!”

“Loved it so much I came back to make a second knife… may come back for a third.”
Keith, Canada.